To thy own self, accept

Posted in Stuff on May 15, 2021 by rawbacon

Maybe I’m wrong,

something I’m all too willing to concede,

but we all need a little madness,

from time to time,


Maybe we can live orderly,



day in & day out

and not revolt.


Doesn’t seem to be much


to support this


Knowing this,

suggests we might be better off,


accepting a little madness into our life,

lest we implode

from the pressure?


Or maybe I’m just as mad

as you might imagine.

A man who talks

to streams and waterfalls.

A mad man seeking madness..


maybe a man is not alone

in his madness.

Maybe others see this too,

maybe others see this and see that it needs taming,

that we must ride it,

lest it rides us,

control us.


The only way to ride

is to accept.

The world is catching up

Posted in Stuff on May 15, 2021 by rawbacon

I’m woke

I know, I’m sorry,

but there it is.

I could never admit it

in polite company,

but the mind of the world

is finally swinging

my way.

It’s nice.

Know them, Respect them, Own them

Posted in Stuff on May 15, 2021 by rawbacon

And in order to survive these coming days,

know yourself.

Nothing else matters,

unless you know yourself.

Know your faults and your foibles,


but most of all,

know your strengths.

You’re gonna need them,

these coming days,



Life’s for living

Posted in Stuff on April 26, 2021 by rawbacon

Modern people

live lives so pristine,

like they expect

to get their deposit back

in the end.

They should have read

the fine print:

No money back,

once you’ve opened

the box.

No reflection

Posted in Stuff on April 8, 2021 by rawbacon

Life’s pretty nice,

if you don’t think about it.

Be gone, foul spirit

Posted in Stuff on March 31, 2021 by rawbacon

The normies….

We can’t live togetether,

we can’t live apart..

or can we?

They’re so unhappy,

all the time.


Alienation of the working classs?


they aren’t on my wavelength,

fuk ’em.

An endless walk

Posted in Stuff on March 16, 2021 by rawbacon

As we reached

the interdiction zone,

we heard the normies

cry out in fear:

Who goes there,

in the darkness so deep?

We offered no reply,

dead men don’t speak.

Soon enough

Posted in Stuff on February 10, 2021 by rawbacon

A child is a promise.

A promise that the world will

be worth living in,


she tells me.

I have no child,

I cannot understand,

she says.

It’s true,

I say,

but I know promises

are meant to be broken.

Though not to her face.

I’m not that cruel.

She’ll learn,

soon enough.

Life on an airmattress

Posted in Stuff on February 7, 2021 by rawbacon

Too tired to get up

Too wired to not

Too lit to quit

Too sick to pray

Life on an airmattress:

Comfy, yet confounding

Remember, remember

Posted in Stuff on February 6, 2021 by rawbacon

Do you remember

the first snow?

Do you remember

when we laughed?

Can you recall

what made you believe

that the world was


Hold on to that feeling,

hold on

for dear life.