To thy own self, accept

Maybe I’m wrong,

something I’m all too willing to concede,

but we all need a little madness,

from time to time,


Maybe we can live orderly,



day in & day out

and not revolt.


Doesn’t seem to be much


to support this


Knowing this,

suggests we might be better off,


accepting a little madness into our life,

lest we implode

from the pressure?


Or maybe I’m just as mad

as you might imagine.

A man who talks

to streams and waterfalls.

A mad man seeking madness..


maybe a man is not alone

in his madness.

Maybe others see this too,

maybe others see this and see that it needs taming,

that we must ride it,

lest it rides us,

control us.


The only way to ride

is to accept.

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