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Sonder: The Realization That Everyone Has A Story:

Someone knew me once.
For a brief moment,
I shared my life with them.
Shared my story & my time.
Made an impression,
out of time & untethered,
yet more real, more vivid
when colored by the mind.

I am nothing more
than an actor,
playing my part,
so you might have a story to tell,
a memory to link your past
to the present
and guide you forward.

Just another day at the office

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Lord, let this day end.
Let this day be erased from history
and let me be erased with it.
It served no purpose,
made no one happy,
why persist in the wallowing?
This day was not even fit
to serve as a baseline.
Let this day be erased
and consign it to oblivion.

I fucking hate nice

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So many nice things happens to me,
that’s nice.
But then I start to get aspirations,
to think that life could be good, great, better.
And I reach for it,
on my tippy toes,
stretching for the moon.
Ending up in the ditch,
covered in mud & regret.
Of course, happiness is in the pursuit,
a goal is to aim for.
Arriving is statistism, death.
So maybe I should celebrate the nice things,
the small encouragements
that leads to grand disappointments,
that keeps me trucking.
Nah, fuck it, for once
I’d just like to arrive,
even if it kills me.

2015 is going to be interesting

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I seem to have acquired some backbone,
though not by my own will.
Or is it?
Is the drug to praise
or is it just a catalyst?
Well, let’s see how long it lasts.
It certainly is novel & appreciated,
I think.

Same same, no difference

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Forever fucked,
perpetually trapped.
This island will be the death of me
or at least my sanity.
There’s no escaping
this prison we call mind,
no saving grace.
I will forever be
a mediocrity.

No class act

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All the world might be a stage,
but that doesn’t mean you have to play.
I’ll watch from the wing,
while you lot carry on.
I can never remember the lines,

S/C Tenerife, take me home

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This place confuses me,
like america,
but with less stress.
This place delights me,
like america,
only less intensely.
Island of Rainbows,
what a better place
to finally let go
of my mind.


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