Some more words

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The ice burns

The fire freezes 

The bully turns

The bitch pleases

We all learn

It never ceases

And when we’ve grown

The sky’s the limit

My own worst friend

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or rather 

the distance between 

me & normality

is seemingly 




Neither beyond nor below



El humo

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Ahora un mal día es un buen día.
Ahora mi vida tiene un corazón.
El mundo es….
El mundo es en un otro lugar
y la llave es pérdida.
Llamado no más.
Mi y tú, solo junto.

Brexit Fuxit

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Making all the pieces fit,
a gargantuan task,
which no man can comprehend.
Theory of mind
Theory of organization,
the latter will be solved
later, if at all.
If making things work efficiently
was easy,
we wouldn’t need

The Eternal Peek-a-boo

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Count to a hundred and
I’ll hide
and you try find me!


It’s been four hours
How long does it take
to count to a hundred?


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On las islas de Canarias
there’s mountains everywhere,
even where there’s none.
A malleable landscape,
clouds, sun & earth
starting their ancient game anew
every morning.

clarity wanted

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What ratio

of risen

to mud

do you need

for this world

to function?

We can’t all

climb the greasy pole,

someone needs to hold it up,


how many?

I’m glad to play

my part, lend

my support.

I would appreciate

a script though.


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