How’s it going?

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Oh, you know,

just sitting here

quietly trying

to repress

this sorrow.

The human condition is in a

bad condition & I’m worse.

If I can’t, then who can?

Seldom has there been one more suited,

if it weren’t for the cowardice.

A simple tale

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So let us tell a story,

both new and ancient.

Of freedom & community,

of you, me, us.

A story of people living

without fear & therefore

without hatred.

It’s just started & guess what?

You get to write it.

Daunting, no doubt,

but easier than you’d think:

You just start by accepting that there’s only one law:

Don’t hurt other people or our common goods.

And if you really want to engage:

Try to help others when possible.



Faux human

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people die

and then forget about it.

No pulse,

but very life-like,

they move and talk and all that.


not alive.

I wonder if

the morticians

knows about this?

Coma coda

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Doing the absolute minimum 

that’s required 

to qualify as a

decent human being.

Safety mechanism perhaps? 

No engaging means

no enraging. 

Once again

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We are so lost 

down here,


Did we take a wrong turn


Or where we meant 

to be here?

Here on the reservation, 

we can do less harm.

But at what cost?

No cost,

none of us

are fit for serving.

But I keep searching 

for the path….

Fucking insanity! 

Mentally, physically, financially &, let’s face it, morally 

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So poor

Bankruptcy cannot save me

I need a revolution 

Or rather

Speedy Evolution 

Some more words

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The ice burns

The fire freezes 

The bully turns

The bitch pleases

We all learn

It never ceases

And when we’ve grown

The sky’s the limit