In the year 2017

Posted in Uncategorized on September 2, 2017 by rawbacon

We’re in the 21st century..

I mean, come on!

We’ve entered the future,

without giving it a second thought..

Or perhaps, we’ve given it

too much thought..

Either way, we’re not embracing it,

embracing the wonder & horror,

total change brings.

There’s no longer a “clean” history

that you can cling to.

No longer a pristine past

to give you comfort.

So get on it, embrace it,

21st living is revolutionary living.



Give it up

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Every day

I give up.

Every morning

I regret the night.

Every night

I dread the morning.

Every day

giving up

gets easier.

It shouldn’t be this way.



Suicide Tours Inc

Posted in Uncategorized on July 10, 2017 by rawbacon

Just had a new idea for a business:

Suicide Tours, where you get to go on on a lovely ship, filled with all the decadence your heart can desire, ending with the opportunity for killing yourself anyway you fancy.

Let’s face it, we’re wrecking the planet, especially us up north, so why not cut off the pollution by the source?

Diving assfirst into the world

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I live in my head


my head is so very small.

How can it contain all these worlds,

all these ideas and assorted craziness?

How can I continue thinking new thoughts

without cracking the skull?

Can’t wait to move out.


The majority have spoken

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It’s not like i wanna live

I just don’t wanna die.

School of Life, end of term

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I take the exam

and then I give it back,

with a lovely drawing of a flower,

bemused that you would find that



What do you want?

I mean, for the love of the gods,







Doing my best here,

obviously failing,

but doing my utmost.

F- ?

You, sir, are a bastard.

Throw out the trash

Posted in Uncategorized on March 24, 2017 by rawbacon

You got to get lighter,

less baggage,

literally as well as metaphorically.

Make room

for a spine

of some sorts,

a healthy one, please.

And values.

Might as well add a little busyness.

Do it your way.

Don’t accept …

grey time?

Survival first.. didn’t work, so maybe try cooperation, of sorts?

Seek groupings, trust your gut, even when sucker-punched.

And as always, trust in the kindness of strangers.

Produce, be busy.

And more enjoyment, less squirrel caging. A debatement society?

Less unconscious meditation, and more productive daydreaming.

Could we try for.. if not a plan, then at least some kind of planning? Checklists?

Maybe try to not have a GOAL this time, just way points. You couldn’t see the Path if it was right under your feet anyway.

Forget temple, just go for small, but continuous improvements to the foundation. A body was not build in one day.. or year.

Though there’s something to be said for go big or go home.

Better selfishness, less self-destructiveness.

Speak to a professional of some kind.

Share more, share better.