Douche with a conscience

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It’s okay
for some people
not to like you.
It’s downright
at times.
And it’s okay,
for that
not to feel

Meditating on the universe

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It’s must be so lonely
out there,
between the stars,
in the cold.
Peaceful and singular,
yet with more planets,
than among the stars.
By contrast,
imagine the multitude 
the energy contained
within the galactic center
could sustain.
Gamma rays be damned.

Where skid row crosses easy street

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I keep thinking
that a more beautiful body
can make up for
a lackluster personality
and weird beliefs.
It’s hard
to change
the body.
The mind,
in all its subconscious glory?
Like trying to see
all of the universe
at once.
Like trying to think
another person’s thought.

Let it fall, let it all fall

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We are the feeble attempt
at fighting entropy.
Every last one of us
born as a wish:
Maybe this crop
can figure it out.
But we are carriers,
our minds falling apart
lost from the get go.
If you know
the fight’s lost,
are you gonna give it
your all?

The Other, part of the puzzle

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The Other,
a necessity,
a need,
a burden.
it’s only through
the Other
that we become
Only though the gaze
and the mind of the Other,
we become

Una noche en La Isla Bonita

Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2015 by rawbacon

Su cara está clara
y ella toca mi ropa.
La noche está nueva
y la vida buena.
Hay música y ron,
Mujeres y confidencia.
Mi corazón,
mi cuerpo,
Todo está bien.

Ad verbatim

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8, 2015 by rawbacon

The formal absence of precious things

I cannot shake this.
Me, who don’t remember.
This sticks.
Here, once:
Greatness stood.
Beauty reigned.
They’ll be back.
But for now
and soon, forever,
there’s a formal absence
of precious things.


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