In the kingdom of the deaf, there’s no king

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We don’t know what wealth is,
no one does.
We have no idea
what actions to take
to be happy.
So we do what we do
until rigor mortis sets in.
So we get angry,
stressed & afraid.
We lash out
anxious to find
someone or something
to blame,
never finding
the true culprit.

Truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty,
you need only look into a mirror.

Rainbows Don’t End

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You can try
to deny it,
to suppress it,
but life is
more fun
whatever your toxin
might be.
Life is
hard to see,
when you’re
in the middle of it.
Take a step away
and you might start to see
Minds are made
for exploring.
You follow the path
to its conclusion.
And you never waiver,
you never give up,
how ever twisted or faint
the trail becomes.
‘Cause all along the journey,
there’s rainbows.

Skull so thick, even life bounces off

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Can’t believe in love
for me.
Can’t trust it.
Can’t trust myself.
Love or even like.
Why should it be,
what compels it?
How do you become


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Going so far
in your search of sanity,
that it’s torn asunder.
To be apart from
reality & the world,
in a void of
your own making.

Abnormal normality

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There’s always been something off
about the people I hang out with,
like there’s always been something off
about me.
We are saner than most,
in a very small minority,
in point of fact,
but hellbent on going
our very own way.
those ways
will line up,
though never for long.
Soon we’re off,
seeking another
method to our madness.
Never a dull day.

Yet another note to self

Posted in Uncategorized on July 8, 2015 by rawbacon

There’s a pressing need
for you
to chill the fuck out.
Find your way back
to the happy place ,
the new version.
Life just is,
it has no value,
beyond your mind.
get a grip,
be less mad
and recall:
Failing is an essential element
of progress.

There’s no one else, seemingly

Posted in Uncategorized on July 6, 2015 by rawbacon

These have to win
the day.
what’s the point?
The light has to keep burning
in the encroaching darkness.
If not us,
then who?


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