Investments can go up as well as down

Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2014 by rawbacon

I think I expect too much
of life,
considering what I’m willing
to invest.
Give some,
get some.
But I walk around with blinders,
clueless,  oblivious.
How to break through?

Too personal ad

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Hedonistic hermit,

lustfully asexeual,

seeks strange,

to negate the space-time continuum with.

To seek the limits

and stop just short of the abyss.

A co-conspirator

with a fertile imagination

and a nice rack.


No weirdos



Weird, brutish & short

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Perpetual midlife-crisis,

perpetual motion-sickness.

At 15 I never thought I’d see 30,

teenage angst colliding

with the despair of always being

Too Late.

There’s less time left than lived,

yet I’m younger than I’ve ever been.

I’ll never understand.


Too long for this world

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I would like to be buried alive

in the unexamined life.

To tease without release,

to cease without disease.

No more craven need,

no more gasping for air,

I quell my inner flame with raw sewage.

Rather damp & docile,

than caring & alive.

Non-incisive, but nice

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Getting to the meat on the bone,

the pollen most sweet,

such skills are needed.

All I can produce

are sinews & stems,

all fluff, no stuff.

No direction anywhere,

but everywhere.

One day I will have dominion

over my tongue,

if not my mind.

One day I will be


Only you can value your own insignificance

Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2014 by rawbacon

We are the consciousness of the universe,

the questioning of reality.

We are the why and the now what.

We are tiny, puny,

but for our curiosity.

There is no where,

without the wherefore,

no understanding without will.

So don’t worry about those bills piling up

or the screaming of the missus,

you have got weightier things

to ponder.

The universe needs you.

What it is good for?

Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2014 by rawbacon


so many hours wasted,

circling around & around

the drain.

Never anything solved,

no great insight gleaned.

So I have eliminated the damn thing,

letting my id & the net take the lead.

I am certain it is interesting,

if I thought those thoughts




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