Caught in a moment

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A slight unease, a vague unnerving, a sense of foreboding. It’s all gonna be for naught, a delayed reaction. Too late, too little, too depressing.

Surfing the eddy

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Time is
It might not wait,
yet it never
leave us be.
Seldom pondered,
yet always present.
Reminding us
that one day
it’ll be time
to settle up.

Here, there & neverwhere

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I am not,
am I?
I am
I am

Day by day

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And so we soldier on
On & on
Through the cotton candy
of our own creation

Seeing old friends

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All that’s left
at this point
in life;
old friends.
We get lighter
as we age,
even as we accrue
Free of expectations,
of madness,
of fear.
One day
there’ll be
nothing left.
But today
there’s still

Paradise on lay-away

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2014 by rawbacon

Sitting comfortably

in the garden of ego,

puzzled by the lack of buzzing,

lack of discontent,

lack of dreams.

Is this it?

Rented bliss,

timeshare heaven.

Whence did I come

& whither do I go?

Seek out my own perfection

or doom?

Final days

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2014 by rawbacon

It was the year they stopped counting,

the year they all just gave up.

No more want,

no more striving,

just shrugs eternally.

We didn’t know it was the final year,

how could we?

But it soon became obvious

when they stopped caring what we did.

It was fun, at first.

Being able to toke up wherever we liked,

not having to block out the incessant ads.

But we miss them,

now that the net stopped working

and the food’s running out.

Still, there’s no going back.

Once apathy strikes

not even hunger can animate.


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